Recruiting FAIL: Part2 - Red Flags and Lessons Learned

This experience was unpleasant enough that I took down my LinkedIn account with around 300 contacts, and resolved I wouldn't look for work as a System Admin again.

Whatever I do in looking for work, it's wrong, there is no point in pursuing a strategy that's failed me time and again for over 10 years.

I took a clear decision to provoke a crisis by sending my 'problem' email.
I had accommodation organised and paid for the first week, had packed and organised myself to start on the Monday and a plan, if a little shaky, to continue.

I've learnt a harsh lesson, which means "better to abandon earlier than later":
Things go on as they start. or It will only get worse, not better.

Lesson 1: If it's important to you, get it in writing early on. More so for "dealbreakers".

I never got Slippery Sam the Agent to make a written commitment on what he was promising to deliver. He, and the company, couldn't be held to it.

Lesson 2: Relocating cities is a Big Deal. Allow time, Plan the Move and organise Reconnaissance.

Driving a few hours up the road for an interview isn't the same as moving your life. Even if single, you have to devote a decent chunk of effort to the task. It will take time to do properly.

Lesson 3: You can't make these decisions alone. Talk them over with a friend.

If I'd talked through my decisions and the way I was being treated with a friend, I may have slowed the process down and set a much better process and plan to move in place.

Lesson 4: Be wary when there's a Big Rush and you're not asked when to start, but told.

There was never any hiring date from the Agent or company. They seemed to turn it into a huge rush, but hadn't declared there was any problem that needed someone there Right Now!

There wasn't a contract negotiation, there should be at least a start-date negotiation or specified in original request.

Lesson 5: One Red Flag is enough. Two is a dealbreaker.

Agents and Salesmen will always come across as Great Friends. Which you are until they got your signature, then you're a pariah.

The first Red Flag should've been the apparent haste (Job Spec on Wed 8-Aug, Interview on Mon 13-Aug, organised on Fri 10-Aug).

The next, the lack of a specified start date.

The Red Flag, par excellence, was rescheduling my interview a) earlier and b) on the day.

Slippery Sam the Agent went on to harassment (12 calls/texts in 30mins), browbeat me and completely overstepped the boundaries by demanding I explain my personal circumstances.

That little escapade was, in retrospect, an Instant FAIL.

Agents are there to facilitate the engagement, not beat-up on you and heap on abuse.

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