Recruiting FAIL: Part 3. ITCRA complaint

Lodged an formal complaint with ITCRA [IT Contract and Recruitment Association], the Industry Body for Recruiting companies.

Several of the Agents actions were serious breaches of the ITCRA Code of Conduct.

In 30 years of dealing with Agents, this guy is by a long margin, the worst I've come across. Not just incompetent  or "poor with details" such as misspelling Workseeker name on contract. Also demanded an apology as pointing this out was "offensive".
This was a *permanent* position for a senior IT staffer.
Workseeker required to move interstate.
Agency approached workseeker, no job application ever made by workseeker.
Job never advertised with a start date, no immediacy ever stated. Comment "expected to take 2 months to fill position" [by October]


Misleading statements:
1. Confused an email from himself to workseeker with a written offer from the Client. Insisted this was a "Job Offer", implying a binding contract.

2. Promised help finding accommodation for relocating interstate, none provided. Having local accommodation was always a condition of accepting the position.

Harassment or cyber-stalking:
3. One incident of a dozen calls/texts in 30mins.
Asked, in an email, to desist.
Repeated again later with more very inappropriate and abusive statements.

Privacy Act breach.
4. Used Referee's contact details for purposes data not supplied for. When workseeker would not answer Agents calls, Agent rang referee to complain and abuse.

Possibly Criminal over-stepping
5. When workseeker had failed to receive a contract 10-days from 1st proposed start date, informed Agent of inability to start due to personal circumstances.
Agent then harassed and browbeat client.
Seriously overstepped by continuing to demand exactly what the personal circumstances were.
Justified by saying "I need to explain to the Client".

This was uncalled for as the Client had no urgency on filling position, nor was there any advertising start date.

6. General Incompetence and lack of attention to legal details
a. Misspelled Workseeker name on contract. Demanded a  written apology to Client for pointing this out.
b. Sent 7 emails in 15 minute period informing workseeker of Job Offer. Kept issuing 'recall' emails for incorrect offers sent.
c. Commented that Agents' manager was continually chasing him to comply with company requirements and document all communications.

7. Failing to act on Instructions.
Workseeker requested 3 times in email that Agent ask Client if 9-day fortnight [with RDO] would be acceptable during first 3 months while transitioning to Sydney.
Agent never asked Client [confirmed].
Client was happy to comply when asked.
Agent deliberately misled workseeker by stating the job "was full-time only" and RDO's were not possible.

Emails/SMS's documented at:

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