Response to Cognitive Work Load - Huh?

Another related question I've been trying to even discover the correct name for over the last 10 years.
I can't believe something so fundamental to I.T. and the knowledge economy could go unstudied.

I frame it as "Human cognitive response to workload".

There is a whole bunch of data on "human physiological response to workload" - like the US Navy and how long stokers can work at various temperatures (and humidity?).

This goes to the heart of computing/programming - being able to solve difficult problems, and managing/reducing defects/errors. In my career, I got very tired of bosses attempting to get more work done by "forced marches". 80 hour weeks aren't more productive - they just insure a very high defect rate and amazing amounts of rework.

The best I have been able to find is Dr Lisanne Bainbridge and her work on "mental load".

What I wanted to discover is:
  • that for each individual there is an optimal number of 'brain work' hours per week
  • the effect of physical & mental fatigue and sleep deprivation on 'brain work' output, degree of difficulty tasks and error rate.
  • the recovery time for strenuous (mental) effort - working 50, 75 and 100 hours / week requires recovery, but how much?

If you, gentle reader, have any leads/pointers on this I really appreciate it :-)

Even if someone knows what the field is called or refer me to the peoplethat do know.

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