Bookshelf I

These are books on my bookshelf I'd recommend. Notes on them later.
Pick and choose as you need.

Personal Organisation

Personal Efficiency Program - Kerry Gleeson [older]
Getting Things Done - David Allen [newer]

Teams, People, Performance

Practice What you Preach - David H Maister [Numerical model relating Profitability to Staff Morale/Treatment]
How to be a Star at Work - Robert E Kelley
Team Management Systems - Margerison & McCann

Maimum Success: Breaking the 12 Bad Business Habits before they break you - Waldroop & Butler
[rereleased as] The 12 Bad Habits that hold Good People bBack

No Asshole Rule - Robert Sutton

Execution - the art of Getting things done (in big business)

Who says Elephants can't Dance - Louis V Gerstner [on Execution and 'Management is Hard']
Execution - Bossidy & Charan
Confronting Reality - Bossidy & Charan

Gallup Research

First, Break all the Rules - Buckingham & ??
Now, Discover your Strengths - Buckingham & Clifton [old]
StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Tom Rath [current]
12: The Elements of Great Managing - Wagner & Harter
The One thing you need to know - Buckingham

Off the Wall - Different ideas on Management and Leadership

Contrarian's Guide to Leadership - Steven B Sample
Simplicity - Jensen

Intelligent Leadership - Alistair Mant [old]
Maverick - Ricardo Semler. [old]
The 7-day Weekend - Ricardo Semler [new]

Wear Clean Underwear - Rhonda Abrams
Management of the Absurd - Richard Fearson
Charisma Effect - Guilfoyle

Computing Management

Measuring and Motivating Maintenance Programms - Jerry Landsbaum
any of the 50 books by Robert L. (Bob) Glass

Why Information Systems Fail - Chris Sauer
Software Failure : Management Failure - Flowers

Jerry Weinberg Prolific author - Quality, People, Teams, Inspections & Reviews, technical, ...
Quality Software Management - 4 book series
Becoming a Technical Leader
Weinberg on Writing - the Fieldstone Method
Secrets of Consulting
Psychology of Computer Programming
-- and another 40 or so --

Peopleware - DeMarco & Lister from Dorset House Publishing specialising in why people matter.

Project Retrospectives - Norm Kerth
Programming on Purpose - PJ Plauger

Mythical Man Month - Fredrick Brooks [I don't have a copy]

"IT Doesn't Matter" - Nicholas G Carr [read a synopsis, don't buy]

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