Microsoft Troubles XI: APPL more profitable than MSFT

Adam Harthung at Forbes wrote Why Not All Earnings Are Equal; Microsoft Has the Wal-Mart Disease, byline is May3, 2011.

 Read the article, says more than I can, with more (economic) facts and more eloquently.

It's only ever been about the company's economic performance.
Poor products and ignoring your customers only ever have one outcome.
Sad for the employees and shareholders, though.

Please note, I am specifically saying that Microsoft products are NOT doomed, just the company.

Winders on the Corporate Desktop isn't going away anytime soon (2-3 decades to run at least).
Too much invested, too many careers tied to it and the Lemmings Rush hasn't turned elsewhere yet...

The next two Big Questions for Microsoft, the company:
  • How soon before the Board notices and removes Ballmer?
  • Who will be the eventual purchaser of the profitable lines-of-business - Windows and Corporate solutions?

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