Internetworking protocols

Placemarker for a piece on Internetworking protocols and problems with IPv4 (security and facilities) and IPv6 (overheads, availability).

"The Internet changes everything" - the Web 2.0 world we have is very different to where we started in 1996, the break-through year of 'The Internet' with IPv4.

But it is creaking and groaning.
Around 90% of all email sent is SPAM (Symantec quarterly intelligence report).

And since 2004 when the "Hackers Turned Pro", Organised Crime makes the Internet a very dangerous place for most people.

IPv6 protocols have been around for some time, but like Group 4 Fax before them, are a Great Idea, but nobody is interested...

What are the problems?
What shape could solutions have?
Are there (general) solutions to all problems?

Systems Design

Are these new sorts of systems possible with current commercial or FOSS systems?
What Design and Implementation changes might be needed?

How do they interact with the other 'Computing Challenges' in this series?

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