Reactionary or 'Frothing at the Mouth'?

Is my opinion "Forget the Best, Embrace the Rest" over the top, reactionary and irrelevant nonsense?

The State of Practice is beyond criticism - because there is no useful information on it.

Here are 3 questions to ask of Management theory & thought:
  • Exactly why "Management is Hard"?

  • What are the tasks of Management?
    i.e. a formal & unequivocal model of the dimensions of action and decision, resources & information required and skills/capability required of individuals and teams.

  • How to quantify the performance of individual Managers and the Management Team?
These are fundamental questions and should at least be definitively outlined in any introductory text or course - but aren't.

Which begs the question: Why aren't they addressed?

Either I'm completely off-track & uniformed or have outlined something of merit.

If this viewpoint is of merit, What then?

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